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Is Acupuncture Safe Post-Covid? 4 Things Your Acupuncturist Wants You to Know Before You Book Your Appointment

Is Acupuncture Safe Post-Covid? 4 Things Your Acupuncturist Wants You to Know Before You Book Your Appointment

To say that 2020 was a stressful year is putting it mildly. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many people put checkups and other medical procedures on hold, including acupuncture treatments. If you are more than ready to get back to your treatments, here are four things your acupuncturist wants you to know about their safety procedures in this new normal. And if this does not answer all your questions, please feel free to ask. Your acupuncturist wants you to feel safe and secure as you return for your first appointment. 

Local Laws and Ordinances

One thing to keep in mind is that your acupuncturist may have to follow certain local or state mandates to reopen. These requirements could include specific safety protocols they now have to adhere to, wearing masks all the time, or even using a different check-in procedure. Some of these changes might be inconvenient, but they are being done for your safety and security. 

Clean and Disinfected

Many of these new protocols include the cleaning of the treatment room and common areas. You might see additional cleaning procedures such as extra time between appointments to disinfect the room and safely prepare for the next patient. 

Booking an Appointment and Checking In

The booking process may have changed thanks to Covid restrictions as well. For example, you may experience more online communication with instructions for what to expect when you arrive. Depending on the new office procedures, your acupuncturist may have you wait in your car rather than the waiting room, until they are ready for you to come in. You may fill out intake forms and health histories online from your home prior to your appointment instead of doing this onsite as you normally would. And you may have to wear your mask when you are going to and from the treatment room. 

Safety of Your Acupuncturist

Your acupuncturist will have to change his or her protocols as well. They will most likely be wearing a mask and/or face shield when they see you. They are seeing patients throughout the day so you may experience a difference or reduction in their interaction with you to both minimize their risk, and your own. Do not take these changes personally, just know they are doing their best to keep everyone they treat safe and healthy. 

Your acupuncturist is happy to have you back and ready to help keep you healthy. They appreciate your willingness to go with the flow and follow all safety precautions they have put in place. So do not wait! Make your appointment today!


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