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Fertility Success Stories

“Words can never adequately express our gratitude for your help and support in the recent successful conception, pregnancy and birth of our son, on June 4th 2008. He is a greater joy than we could have ever imagined and we cannot believe how blessed were are! . . . please know that you changed our lives and you played an integral part in bring him into the world.” Dr. Deborah C and Sean C.

“The treatments you gave me throughout the in-vitro not only helped me get pregnant but also helped to live healthier.” Sanae D.

After many disappointments with traditional medicine this client reported – “January 18, 2005, I conceived naturally!!! My husband was in shock when I took the pregnancy test and I was too. Of course, we wanted to get past the first three months before we told anyone-especially because we were still in shock after three months. As of the writing of the letter I have 5 weeks left before I deliver my baby!!! “My husband and I are grateful for Dr. Ou and Dr. Gong. We believe that they are here on earth to help people in wonderful way. Anytime I hear that people are trying to conceive, and have difficulties – I give them Dr. Ou and Dr. Gong’s phone number.” Donna and Scott

Thank you so much for everything you did to help me conceive. After my first IVF, I felt such despair – I really started to doubt whether Eric and I would ever have a biological child. I appreciate how you treated my depression and prepared my body for hormonal stimulation. I know that the extra bit of work you did with me during the stimulation phase preceding IVF helped increase my final egg count. When the nurses at Reproductive Medicine Group told us that the doctor had retrieved ten eggs (instead of the three eggs we had the first time around), both Eric and I were overcome with gratitude! Thank you so much Dr. Ou! Our baby girl is due to arrive in just three months, and we will definitely bring her by to see you. ” Frances Ramos